WHAT ARE THE Goals of the Psychoanalytical Approach?


seeks to make the unconscious conscious.
It strives to probe into the deeper part of the psyche and get to those
issues that were not resolved during cognitive development. It does not aim simply
to uncover these issues, but rather to understand and experience them so that a
change in character can occur.

This is
based on the idea that psychological maladjustment is the result of unconscious
conflicts. The individual uses defence mechanisms to keep these conflicts at
bay. Sometimes the individual’s maladjustment concerns an over reliance on
defence mechanisms, leading to an alienation from their own emotions. We will
discuss defence mechanisms shortly. At other times, stress is so great that all
defences break down leading to irrational and disorganised behavioural
patterns. The psychoanalyst’s primary aim is to bring these conflicts into the
individual’s conscious awareness.

The therapist will typically not engage in much self-disclosure and will therefore…

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