What Are The Common Components of PTSD (POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER) Treatment?


Treatment for PTSD typically begins with a detailed evaluation and the
development of a treatment plan that meets the unique needs of the survivor.
Generally, PTSD-specific treatment is begun only after the survivor has been
safely removed from a crisis situation. If a survivor is still being exposed to
trauma (such as ongoing domestic or community violence, abuse, or
homelessness), is severely depressed or suicidal, is experiencing extreme panic
or disorganized thinking, or is in need of drug or alcohol detoxification, it
is important to address these crisis problems as a part of the first phase of

  1. It is important that the first phase of treatment include educating trauma survivors and their families about how persons get PTSD, how PTSD affects survivors and their loved ones, and other problems that commonly come along with PTSD symptoms. Understanding that PTSD is a medically recognized anxiety disorder that occurs in normal…

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