WHAT IS THE Online and Telephone Counselling?


It is important to clarify the
differences in online and telephone counselling. Telephone and online/email
counselling are not done face-to-face so will have some similar and some
different aspects to face to face counselling.

Telephone and email support may be appropriate for
situations when a client wants to –

. 1-Discuss ways of solving a problem.

  • 2- Find the energy to address a
  • 3- Understand the psychological
    aspects of a situation better.
  • 4 – Discuss ways to modify the
    client’s behaviour.
  • 5 – Discuss ways to modify the
    behaviour of others in certain situations.
  • 5- Generate new ideas or gain
    fresh perspectives.
  • 6- Access specialist knowledge
    and guidance.
  • 7- Build on progress already made
    in face to face sessions with

a counsellor.

There are some situations that are not suitable for telephone or online counselling where the counsellor may suggest the client seeks an alternative form of assistance.

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