What Is The Externalising Anger In Mental Health?


The ‘narrative therapy’ technique is also useful in dealing
with anger. The client is encouraged to
externalize their anger. This means that
the anger becomes separate from the client, and as such the client is able to
view it as something that they can administer control over. The anger is no longer seen as part of
themselves, but as a separate entity. The client will consider that they can
change their view from ‘I am an aggressive person’ to aggression causes a problem
for me.

Aggression is viewed not as a part of the client but as
something external to them and acting upon them.

Once separated from the problem the client is able to feel
more empowered to control the aggression because it is seen as having less
power than it did formerly. The counsellor
can encourage a shift in the emphasis of the language to refer to ‘the

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