What Is The Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse?


There are misconceptions about male sexual abuse. The fact that a male may ejaculate during an
assault is a physiological response and does not imply consent. There may be misconceptions that the assault
was a “rite of passage” or sexual initiation but the victim will still
experience the same Traumatic Sexual Assault Syndrome. Ways for supporting male victims include –

  • 1- Help him to find somewhere he feels safe.
  • 2- Believe him.
  • 3- Listen to him.
  • 4- Do not minimize his experience.
  • 5- Respect his decisions.
  • 6- Reassure him the assault is not his fault.
  • 7- Be aware of your own misconceptions regarding males who have been sexually assaulted.

  • 8- Encourage him to seek professional support.
  • 9- Remind him abuse is abnormal, his feelings and responses are normal.  10- Make him aware you know how difficult it was for him to disclose hisabuse.


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