Do Alcohol problems often lead to trauma and disrupt relationships?


Persons with alcohol use disorders are more likely than
others with similar backgrounds to experience psychological trauma. They also
experience problems with conflict and intimacy in relationships.

Problematic alcohol use is associated with a chaotic lifestyle,
which reduces family emotional closeness, increases family conflict, and
reduces parenting abilities.

PTSD symptoms often are worsened by
alcohol use.

Although alcohol can provide a temporary feeling of
distraction and relief, it also reduces the ability to concentrate, enjoy life,
and be productive.

Excessive alcohol use can impair one’s ability to sleep
restfully and to cope with trauma memories and stress. Alcohol use and
intoxication also increase emotional numbing, social isolation, anger and
irritability, depression, and the feeling of needing to be on guard

use disorders reduce the effectiveness of PTSD treatment. Many individuals with

PTSD experience sleep disturbances (trouble falling asleep or problems with waking up frequently after falling asleep). When…

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