WHAT IS THE Divorce Crisis In Mental Health?


Divorce or parental separation is a serious crisis that can
occur within a family. There are
numerous factors, which affect how children are able to cope with divorce.

Some of those factors’ parents can influence through our own
actions, others we may have no control over. Researchers have estimated that
the period of adjustment for families can range anywhere from one to three
years, and sometimes even as long as five, depending on the circumstances
surrounding the divorce.

It is important for parents to realize children will have
different types of reactions. Some may be short-term reactions that are in
response to the crisis nature of divorce. Others may be long-term reactions
that could be either positive or negative depending again on how parents are
able to help their children. Some factors that may affect adjustment are:

  • 1-Level of conflict between parents
  • 2-How parents adjust to divorce
  • 3-Information children are…

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