A great community to the women to have the best chances as I showed below.



  1. What is PAIWC IN UK?

It is an international community of women who presents services in psychotherapy and assistances to solve serious crises which face the women around the world. The services are face to face in the clinics of Dr.Fawzy Masaoud or online via Skype.

Dr. Fawzy Masaoud is the chairman of PAIWC.

  • 2- Who is Dr. Fawzy Masaoud?

He is accredited senior psychotherapist in London.

More information is on [ www.comedy-romance.blog ]

  • 3- What are the benefits of PAIWC?
  • – It presents services in mental health disorders to the women around the world from age up 18 years old.
  • – It helps the women around the world how to solve the serious crises.
  • – All the members get 25% discount of fees of Dr. Fawzy Masaoud.
  • – The assistances are face to face in the clinics of Dr. Fawzy Masaoud and online via Skype.
  • – It organises events and trips to the members to have good friendships and enjoy the best time together.
  • – The members can publish advertisings on website of Dr. Fawzy masaoud and get 50% discount.
  • – The members can be volunteers in PAICW to work part time as they like to present services to the members.
  • – The members can hold birthday parties in the place they like to enjoy together.
  • – The members can get part time jobs in working with Dr. Fawzy Masaoud in different departments of PAICW to get much money.
  • Sports tounament to all members to enjoy good time.
  • 4- Who are eligible for the membership?

*The woman should be up 18 years old.

        5- What are the fees of membership?

             The membership is free.

  • 6- How do the women apply for the membership?
  • The women will send only a recent personal picture and email address via Email : dr.fawzyclinic2019@yahoo.com
  • The women do not need to send their address.
  • What will happen after sending the recent personal picture and email address?
  • The members will get membership number on their email and the membership will be renewed every year.
  • 7- What are the departments of PAICW?
  • Department of Public relations and promotion.
  • Department of membership.
  • Department of events and trips.