Sometimes we refuse to accept situations that are beyond our control, but it doesn’t do much good. You maybe caught in a traffic jam or stuck on an airplane that’s delaying in taking off. If you tell yourself ,” This shouldsn’t have happened – how unfair!” or ” I can’t stand this,” you will have to cope with the stress and aggravation you feel as well as the inconvenience of the delay . You have plenty of other options if you’re willing to be creative and to think about the situation more positively.

Recently I was stuck on a commuter train for two hours . It was hot and muggy , and I was tired and eager to get home. I began talking with the man next to me and learned a great deal about Iran- Iraq war from him. Although he didn’t consider himself an expert , he knew far more about it than I did. The conversation was more enjoyable than sitting and fuming about the incompetence of the people running the railroad or the ” injustice” of the delay !


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