During an interview , you will probably feel that you are in the spotlight. You may put pressure on yourself to impress the person who is interviewing you. But since you feel so tense and awkward, this seems impossible .

Instead of trying to impress the interviewer , try to get to know him or her. Ther is no rule that says you have to sit back and answer questions the entire time. You can also ask questions. Epress an interest in what he or she has to say . Remember – you are there to learn about the company . How long has the interviewre worked there? What type of work does he or she do? How did he or she get involved in this type of work? What does he or she like and dislike about the firm?

These questions will often lead to informal friendly conversations that will set you more at ease. Remember that the people who interview you may also feel somewhat nervous . Most people are eager for attention , and if you express a genuine interest in them , they will feel better about you and you will be more likely to get a job offer.

One of the greatest headaches that the administrators have is the sour apple on the staff who demoralizes others with a bad attitude . If you come across in an enthusiastic and friendly way , you will be a more attractive candidates. In addition, when you express an interest in the person who interviews you, you will feel less self-conscious yourself . It’s far easier to get excited about someone else ‘s accomplishments than to try to impress them with your own . When you don’t try so hard, you often end up making the best possible impression.


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