Don’t try too hard to sell yourself during interviews. Instead, make them sell themselves to you. This can work like a charm. Suppose the person interviewing you says, ” We have many outstanding candidates for this position. Why should we consifer you?”

Instead of getting defensive and trying to receive to recite a list of your best qualities – a strategy that is doomed to failure – use a little reverse psychology . You can say,” You obviously have a top firm [ or university] and you deserve someone outstanding for this position . Could you tell me a little bit about the kind of person you really want ? Then I’ll tell you about myself so we can see whether or not I might fill the bill.

Once you learn about the kind of person the firm is looking for – someone who’s honest, hardworking, creative, or whatever – it will be infinitely easier for you tp portray yourself in a way that will specifically appeal to the interviewer . Then you can say,” I’d like to hear more about your company [or university] . I’ve heard some great things, but I’d like your point of view. What are some of the potential benefits of working for this firm? What do you like about the company? What are some of the negative aspects of working here?

Now you are challenging them to sell themselves to you! Instead of acting desperate and reciting a long and boring list of your good points, you are making it clear that you are there to evaluate them in just the same way they are learning about you. It is a two-way street , because the interviewer will have to persuade you to join his herv company. You can afford to pick and choose. When you ask about the positive and negative aspects of the company , you make it clear that you have self-esteem, and that you deserve a job that will be good for you. They will try harder to win you over.

Ask specific questions about the job you are interested in. Whom will you be working with? Has the morale of the group been high? What hours will you be expected to work? What are the possibilities for promotion ? Why did the last person leave the position?

These questions will give you useful information and make you appear self-confident . Instead of trying to sell yourself, you become the shopper. This has an enormous impact on the balance of power. If you are even vaguely suitable for the job, your value will instantly escalate.


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