They are two parts . The first part is Listening skills and the second part is self-expression skills. The first part has 3 skills and the second part has 2 skills.

Listening skills 1 : Disarming technique

This is the most difficult – and the most powerful – listening skill . You find some truth in what the other person is saying and agree with them, even if you think that what they are saying is wrong. This is a particularly effective tool when you feel criticised and attacked. It takes the wind out of the other person ‘s sails and has a profound and sudden calming effect . Regardless of how unreasonable their criticism might seem , find some grain of truth in it.When you resist the urge to argue of defend yourself and you instead agree with the other person, you will paradoxically end up a winner . He or she will usually feel like a winner too, and will be much more open to your point of view.

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