It is easy to get overcommitted and become overwhelmed by all you have to do. You may be constantly driving your children from place to place and trying to keep up with the cooking and the housework and dozens of other chores that never seem to end. Your boss may tell you to do this and do that and it seems it would take an army to keep up with all demands. You go home each night feeling drained and exhausted and guilty. You feel even further behind than when you went to work that morning.

One of the reasons we get overcommitted is because of guilt and the feeling that we should always say yes to people. The real problem isn’t that people make demands on us, but that we don’t know how to deal with these demands in a tactful way. A method that I’ve found extremely helpful is called ”punting.” You tell the person you need to think about their request and that you’ll get back to them . In the meantime , you can figure out what you want to do. If you feel overwhelmed and their request does not seem reasonable , you can practice how to say no.


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