6- Coercion sensitivity : You are afraid of giving in or being bossed around. Other people seem controlling and domineering , and you feel that you must dig in your heels and resist them.

7- Demandingness:- You feel entitled to better treatment from others , and you get frustrated when they do not treat you as you expected. Instead of trying to understand what really motivates them, you insist that they are being unreasonable and have no right to feel and act the way they do.

8- Selfishness:- You want what you want when you want it, and you throw a tantrum if you don’t get it. You are not especially interested in what others may be thinking and feeling.

9- Mistrust:- You put up a wall because you believe you will be taken advantage of if you listen and try to grasp what the other person is thinking and feeling.

10- Help addiction: You feel the need to help people wheen all they want is to be listened to. When friends or family members complain about how had they feel, you make” helpful” suggestions and tell them what to do. Instead of being appreciative, they get annoyed and continue to complain . You both end up feeling frutrated .


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