Many people find it difficult to accept their feelings. If you have panic attacks, you may think that anxiety is abnormal and dangerous. You may fight your anxiety and insist that you should always be in control of your emotions . When you get any little twitch of nervousness , you may feel that something terrible is happening and think you’re about to go crazy. As a result , normal feelings of anxiety mushroom into full-blown in panic attacks.

Some people refuse to accept their anger. you may think you should never fight or argue or get mad. You may be afraid to express your negative feelings for fear you’ll be rejected or will hurt the person you’re mad at. Then your feelings may get bottled up and you may end up constantly bickering and feeling irritable .

Because you are afraid of anger , you end up knee-deep in bitterness and conflict.

In contrast, if you accept your anger as a normal part of any healthy , loving relationship , you’ll discover that you can often resolve problems far more easily and your anger will more quickly disappear.


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