So here’s the other side of the coin! Even though it’s absolutely not our fault that we have a brain that is capable of depression , that we have to face tragedies in life, and that we have a ‘self’shaped for us rather than by us – it is our responsibility to do something about it if we are suffering . This masy seem unfair to you but unfortunately that it is the way it is. It may not be fair that we have genes that make us put on weight, and it is certainly not fair that we live in a world where the food industry, in pursuits of profits, has given us exceptionally fattening foods.

However, carrying too much weight puts us at risk of a whole range of health problems such as diabetes , cardiovascular diseases and cancer. So although it might not be our fault that we put on weight , we still need to do something about it.

Similarly , it is not our fault that we are vulnerable to depression, and there is no law that says we must change our behaviour.

However, if we don;t try to take responsibility and start to work with our minds and our brains as they are, ewe may stay depressed , or remain vulnerable to relapses into depression.


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