Mindful movement is simply a meditation practice that uses physical movement to help us become more aware of what is going on in our minds and bodies . Many people find that it is a very natural way to release the day’s tension from the body and mind, throught slow , gentle stretching and the realignment of muscles and joints.

It can be useful to follow some sort of guidance for this practice , either recorded or with a mindfulness teacher, since some of the exercises require quite pricise movements , but you can get a taste of what is involved by following the instructions below. If you have any health concerns, such as back problems , it might be a good idea to consult your GP, or specialist practioner if you have one, before trying Mindful Movement.

While carrying out the movements, keep in mind that the aim is not to feel pain or to challenge the limits of your body . It is important to look after yourself be guided by any signals from your body telling you how far to stretch and how long to hold any position.

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