Article 1

It can be helpful to keep our ‘ mindfulness muscles’ in shape during the good times, so that when we really need this greater awareness during tough times , they are strong. One great way to give our mindfulness muscles a workout is to pay deliberate attention to our routine , everyday activities . Even doing this once a day can be beneficial .

As mentioned earlier, being on autopilot is risky for people prone to depression, because we can miss the warning signs that may signal a downward spiral . Bringing mindfulness to an everyday activity , such as eating , brushing our teeth , or driving , is another way to pause and check in with ourselves for as we pay attention in a new way to a routine task, we can sometimes exposer thoughts and feelings that we weren’t even aware lurked beneath our consciousness . Interestingly, many people also find that practising this gentle, moment-to-moment awareness makes the task itself feel easier , more interesting, less stressful and even enjoyable .


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