Written by Dr. Fawzy Masaoud

You who urged my separation,

On one day.

My kindness will remind you

My unique romance 

On one day 

My pure love will knock

At your memory

On one day 

Your memory will cry regretfully 

Remember and remember well!

My love is unprecedented 

You who urged my separation 

All the time 

I was drawing the smiles

 On your face 

I was making your feelings 

 Full of joy and pleasure 

All the time

My heart hugged you all the time 

Thinking you are my right baby 

You who urged my separation 

Remember and remember!

Who was drying your tears 

When you were feeling pain ?

Who was supporting you 

In your serious diseases?

Only me 

day and night beside you 

I tolerated your difficult life 

To encourage you

To be successful 

At last 

You became strong 

Rich and famous

You scattered my love

On the mountains and deserts

Hurting my feelings

All the time

You urged my separation

I am not regretful now 

I see my future is better than without you


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