Article 1

Many of the suggestions focus upon how you as an individual can make changes to address your depression. However, you do not in a vaccum . Your own willbeing and how you behave can greatly influence your relationships. That is if you are depressed now and stay depressed you are more likely to develop relationship difficulties. The reverse is also true: if you are having a relationship difficulties now , you are more likely to become depressed . Of course , it would be overly simplisitic to suggest that relationship difficulties cause depression or that depression is the single cause of any relationship problemsyou might be having .

However, difficulties in one of these areas can contribute to problems in the other. The important thing for both you and your partner to keep in mind is that working jointly on your relationship can improve it, as well as help alleviate your depression . We recommend that both you and your partner to read what will be shown , discuss it and apply some of the principles and techniques as you address your depression together.

Article 2

Although it is very common , obviously not everyone who is depressed is in a bad relationship . Some depressed people have very positive and loving relationship with their partner, and if that is true for you, it will make it easier for the two of you to work alongside each other on your depression . However, even if your partner is fully committed to working with y6oy, many people don’t know how to help when their level one is depressed.

Therefore, it can be very valuable to learn together about what you as an individual need to do to get over your depression and how the two of you can respond to a variety of circumstances related to it. Once you both know how depression works and how to combat it. Your partner can become a valuable resource .


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