Some feelings are easier to spot than others, and when we do spot them we might do nothing more than give them a name. As with other forms of CBT , this approach is about getting a better understanding of what is happening when we experience a particular feeling or mood.

People describes their moods and mood swings in different ways. Some use words like sad, happy , anxious or angry, but there are many other ways to name and describe them.

For example , some people find using colour(‘black and murky’) , and metaphor (‘on top of the world’) an easier way to describe how they are feeling. Naming a mood is the first step to understanding it. There is no right or wrong name : it is whatever it means to you.

We have found that being aware of the different moods we have or at least the ones we have most often, is really useful for understanding how we control or cope with them n. If we can better understand the things that lead to certain mood states it takes away there unpredictability .


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