Article 1

We all have a number of different ways to manage our lives. We might try to avoid certain emotions, such as feeling sad . We can set short-term goals like ‘get all my work done by the end of the day’. We refer to rules for ourselves such as ‘I should never make mistakes ‘. We refer these as goals , and different goals will vary in how long they may take to achieve and how helpful they might be . Yet, if we really want to move our lives in the right direction , we need to think about what our long-term goals are.

Identifying long-term goals can be difficult. Sometimes, it might help to reflect on what is important to us and what we really value. This could be what we value in our relationships with others, the activities we choose to invest in , and the direction in which we want our lives to travel. One way to think about these long-term goals, or values , is as the settings on compass .

Following a compass setting does not take us to a specific destination, but it can guide us in the right direction.

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