Article 1

When we think about negative and positive of different emotions , we can consider how intense a particular emotion is or how long it lasts.. If we just see an emotion as either ‘on’ ‘off’ then we are faced with a basic choice of either continuing to have it , or trying to get rid of it. When the emotion is unpleasant , our tendency is to want to get rid of it. However, if we instead think of emotions as being on a sliding scale, rather like a volume control from ‘ very mild ‘ at I out of 100 , to ‘ extreme’ at 100 out of 100 , then we have some other choices. We may find that we can endure a certain level of the emotion.

One reason why it is useful to think about our emotions as being on a sliding scale is that it is very hard to get rid of an emotion completely and the harder we try the greater the impact on other parts of our lives.

For example, someone who feels anxious around other people may avoid every kind of situation that might involve being around others because they think it will make them anxious.

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