Article 1

Emotional resilience skills can transform the lives of those prepared to learn, practise, and master them. Many of the people struggling with an anxiety , depression and other mental conditions who I have worked with over the decades found that using these skills improved their mental health dramatically . Others found a new confidence in themselves, and that their ability to cope with stress increased significantly . Their capacity to problem -solve-expanded .

Their interpersonal relationship improved. Their social skills evolved . They became wiser and often more compassionate towards themselves and others. They became more realistic and pragmatic about life and themselves.

In summary, they learned how to become emotionally resilient .

It is also worth noting that once a learned skill becomes automatic , it is embedded in our memory bank for life . Think of learning to drive a car or riding a bicycle . We may allow the skill to fall into disuse , but how quickly it can be resurrected if we reactivate it. So, too , are the skills of emotional resilience there for life , once we have learned them.

I will complete in article 2 soon.


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