The simplest ,most effective technique to help the brain to challenge and reshape the mind is to embrace the concept of writing things down. I use this technique regularly . When an issue disturbing our emotional mind, our logical mind often struggles to become involved. this is because the emotional brain is more powerful than the logical brain.

But in writing things down on paper , the more logical , rational parts of the brain are switched on , so we can examine the issue with the greater clarity. This can be a powerful tool when combined with CBT techniques to reshape people’s thinking and behaviour.

Article 2

For many people , it is a game -changer to put down on paper, in their own writing, what it is that’s going on in their emotional mind. Sometimes we do not grasp just how irrational our thinking and behaviour can be until we write it down and, in the cold light of day, rationally analyse what we have discovered through this process.

The left prefrontal cortex is more associated with language and cold , hard analysis, so we will be recruiting this part of the brain to assist us in analysing – and in providing potential solution to – information that surfaces through the simple act of writing things down.

It was proved that the writing has the great power for mental health .


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