Many of us suffer from the dangerous jealousness in work and lose their jobs many times because they don’t know how to deal with the dangerousness jealousness.

Anyone feels or see that someone pretends he/she is the best friend in work , but at the same time he/she says wrong information about you to your manager or supervisor in order to be in so difficult situations and fired from your job.

Why do the jealous people make troubles to the others in work?

You should know that the jealous people don’t like others are so successful in work, so they do their best to damage you in work in order to fail in your life . The jealousness is not only because of the great success in work , but also because you maybe so handsome or cute beautiful.

That means , we must be so clever and patient when we deal with the dangerous jealous people in work.

You must not be so nervous or rushing to have any decision. You must discuss and think more between yourself how to deal with any difficult situations because of the dangerous jealousness. You must be careful all the time how to save my documents and witnesses in any task you do at work in order to be ready how to damage any dangerous jealousness in short time without being nervous in work.

You should be smiled most of the time in your work under any conditions because by this way , you will be in good mood in front of the jealous people and they will be so sad and anger between themselves.

You should ignore their bad behaviour and show to them all the time you are so happy in work, then they will be so sad all the time between themselves. You must not show their bad zigzag behaviours to them , just keep everything in your mind in patience and be ready how to deal with the difficult situations.

Sometimes, some of people who are not patient and clever how to deal with the dangerous jealousness in work, they make a crime in seconds and are imprisoned. They damaged themselves in seconds.

By some of these ways above , you will be the winner and happy in your work with the dangerous jealousness.


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