You need not to make any kind of hatred around you and you need to make more friendships.

So, you need to read the following.

Is the argument psychological illness?

Yes, we were born without a choice like you go to your new job and see your colleagues you don’t choose them, but suddenly you will face some of them are suffering from stupid arrogant argument; the same you will face them in some of relatives or closest friends.

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What will you do and you meet most of them daily?

Don’t argue with anyone and pretend you are the best listener, then you will see them happier with you without any hatred.

If you insist to argue with them to show and prove you are right, then they will hate you and you created enemies around you in short time.

What are the benefits you will get if you argue with the stupid arrogant?

Sure nothing, but you will make your life is so sad around you because most of them are relatives, friends and colleagues.

Although, you know they are liars, no problem, be the best listener to them without arguing; then you will see them so friendly and happier with you.

But don’t believe in what all they tell you too!

Don’t hand your soul to them!

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You must protect yourself from them all the time. For example, some of them want to borrow some of money or precious things from you, you must make them sign a legal document proving what they borrowed from you.So, you must have the clever independent decision to protect yourself from them.