The company is based in London, England


A- LONDON IFPPPS LTD sells metals like

1- Iron ore

2- Iron Rails Scrap – Second Quality RG50 /RG65

3- All types of Copper (Ingots, wires, powder ,….)

4- All types of Aluminium (Ingots, wires, powder ,….)

5- Vehicle Battery scrap

Payment Methods

The buyer issues Letter of Credit MT700 and CBL( confirmed Bank Letter) for each shipment from a top bank if the buyer is not from Western Europe or America or Canada . On the first day of discharging the shipment , the buyer must transfer the total value of the shipment within 5 days from bank to bank in order not to pay charge of delay daily .

The buyer gets a discount if he/shes pays in advance bank to ban (T/T).

Delivery is to all the stable coiuntries around the world.

The price depends on the total quantity on the contract and payment methods .

How to buy from the company!

1- The buyer sends Letter of Intent (LOI) with the specifications of the product with pictures on the company email address:

2- The company sends to the buyer Full Corperate Offer (FCO) to the buyer to read and sign, then the buyer sends it to the company.

3- The company sends to the buyer SPA (Selling and Purchasing Agreement) to sign 4 original copies of SPA, then the buyer sends them to the company to sign , then it sends 2 original copies to the buyer to keep one with him/her and the other one must be submitted to his/her bank to appoint a deal banker to manage the deal financially with the company and the buyer.The copmany submits an original SPA copy to its bank to appoint a deal banker to manage the deal financially with the company and the buyer.

4- The company sends the invoice of the total quantity on the contract to the buyer, then he/she pays in advance the fees of the invoice in advance to the company . The fees of invoice depends on each one million ton $ 1955.

5- The buyer issues L/C MT700 for each shipment to the company.

6-The company starts loading the product and sending final Bill of Lading and invoice of each shipment with the ship staff or from the company directly.

7-The buyer transfers the payement of the total value of each shipment on the first day of discharging.Transaction must not take more than one week.


1-The company is able to provide any quantity of any product above .

2-The buyer who buys more than 15 million tons of any product above , the buyer gets a discount .

3-The company is responsible for all the rights of the mediators in any country.


B- LONDON IFPPPS LTD sells CBD capsules medicine internationally

It treats some serious mental health disorders and removes serious pains .

The price depends on the size of each box.

Are CBD capsules as effective as CBD oil drops?

CBD capsules are one of the most convenient and discreet ways to take your CBD dose. When CBD is ingested in capsule form it has to bypass your digestive system and liver, before the CBD compound is absorbed into the bloodstream. For this reason, the effects of CBD capsules may take longer to be felt. Also, the amount of CBD that reaches your bloodstream may be less compared to other methods.

Can CBD capsules be taken with other medications?

It is recommended that you always check with your doctor before adding any new supplements to your regime. We cannot give medical advice, so please check with your doctor first, if you are on medication. There may be a possibility of drug interactions when taking CBD. Endocan CBD capsules are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any disease, illness or condition.How many CBD capsules should I take?Our CBD capsule range is available in two strengths Medium 10mg caps and Strong 50mg caps. Depending on the reason you are taking CBD, it may affect how many capsules you would need to take. For everyday wellness and beginners, 10mg caps may be a good place to start.For users that feel they need a stronger dose, our 50mg caps may suit you better. When trying CBD capsules for the first time we always recommend that you start with 1 and work your way up. If you know the exact amount of CBD you need you can calculate the amount of MG per capsule and customize your dose.

What is the difference between CBD capsules or CBD oil drops?

CBD capsules and CBD oils are crafted from the same organic CBD extracts. Our 10mg vegan gel capsules contain our medium strength CBD oil. While our strong 50mg capsules contain our thicker CBD extract.The strong 1500mg CBD oil is a liquid in consistency, compared to our strong CBD capsules. However, the CBD content of 1500mg oil and capsules per bottle is the same. The only difference between our oils and capsules is the delivery method. Some of our users prefer capsules to oil, due to them having no hemp taste, they’re discrete nature and they offer a precise dose every time.

When do you take CBD capsules?

CBD capsules can be taken throughout the day, in the morning or the night, it all depends on your personal preference and why you are choosing to take CBD. It is recommended that you take CBD capsules on an empty stomach for the best results.

Which CBD capsules are the best?

This all comes down to your personal needs and the reasons why you are taking CBD. Endocan medium 10mg capsules may work best for those that are new to CBD and would like to find their perfect dose. Also for those who would like to just take CBD as a supplement for daily wellness. While our strong 50mg capsule may be better suited to those that need a stronger dose or are experiencing more severe symptoms.

CBD oil or capsules which is best?

CBD capsules contain the same CBD extract formulas. The only difference is the delivery method. Depending on your personal preference, CBD oil if taken under the tongue is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, with a high absorption level of CBD. While CBD capsules offer a precise dose of CBD, with slow-release results that can be felt over time.

Do CBD capsules make you tired, will they help you sleep?

Many of our customers have reported using CBD to improve their sleep cycles. CBD can be used to support general wellbeing, which includes sleep. CBD capsules can be taken during the day and the night, to help promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Endoca CBD capsules are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition.

Can you use CBD capsules for pain?

CBD capsules are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition. The compound CBD interacts with your internal endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating pain responses. We advise that you check the most recent medical studies on CBD for pain relief. Some of our users have described using CBD capsules for pain. However, you should always consult your doctor first, if you are experiencing severe pain symptoms.

Do CBD capsules work for anxiety?

CBD is thought to have calming and relaxing properties which could potentially help with the symptoms of anxiety. We advise that you check the most recent medical studies on CBD for anxiety relief. Endoca CBD capsules are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition. You should always consult your doctor first if you are experiencing severe anxiety symptoms.

What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

The compound CBD works to create balance in the body by interacting with your endocannabinoid system. This is thought to help bring about a sense of calm and focus which could help with the management of day-to-day stresses and promote general well-being. Also, the discrete nature of CBD capsules allows you to incorporate them into your daily schedule with ease, like any other suppleme

For inquiries , send email on the company email above.


C- LONDON IFPPPS LTD sells Romantic Play Book in big quantities

The price depends on the quantities, payment methods and shipping price .

For inquiries , send email on the company email above.


D- LONDON IFPPPS LTD started to set up



START FRIDAY 24/09/2021 IN U.K


It is a championship for women from 18-25 ages, it is played in the big football pitch. It is played by new rules by football and balloons. It will be played in Britain. Copyrights are registered in America and the certificate is attached.


The championship has 18 teams, and each team has 11 players with 4 substitutes. In addition, there are coaches, assistants’ coaches, and administrative, medical, security staff, referees, lineswomen, and observer.


The championship is set up into 2 periods in one year, that means each team will play virus another team twice in each championship. It will be repeated every year. Each match is 90 minutes into two games, each game 45 minutes and there is 15 minutes rest between the two games. There is a musical band before each match and the president of the championship gives flowers to the players in the football pitch to encourage them to play the best match.


The winner team gets a gold cup and medals with financial awards. The second team in the championship gets silver medals and financial awards. There is a musical band in the football pitch during distributing the prizes.


Entertaining and amusing the people, make the people smile and laugh when see a player explodes a balloon by strong kick or scores a goal. It encourages the ladies to play the game by the new rules. It removes the tension, stress, depression, and sadness.


  1. TV channel signs a contract that it sold all championship matches of the first copy.
  2. TV channel books 30 matches Live or Recorded via an agency or from the company directly. Then the TV channel pays the fees of 30 matches every 25 days.
  3. TV channels should get a commercial invoice after paying from the agency or from the company directly.
  4. Payments must be via a bank not cash not cheque so that TV channel gets a receipt from the bank to be in peaceful and TV channel sends a copy of the receipt to the agency or the company directly to confirm the payment with the bank.

*** The company sells the Live matches around the world to TV stations .

*** Payment methods : The buyer pays to the company the value of 30 matches in advance bank to bank.

*** The price depends on the month of booking before the championship starts.

For inquiries , send email on the company email above.

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