The company is based in London, England

Email: ifppps.limited@hotmail.com

The company is for investing and trading in all types of the legal businesses around the world by unique ways to help all our customers in any country how to make many legal massive profits from many great businesses in short time and the company challenges any company around the world can provide the best facilities to make the customers legal massive profits in short time. The company doesn’t trade in arms , drugs or any illegal businesses .

Important notes

A- LONDON IFPPPS LTD sells metals like

1– New Railway Rails .

2- Iron Rails – Second Quality RG50 /RG65

3- All types of Copper (Ingots, wires, powder ,….)

4- All types of Aluminium (Ingots, wires, powder ,….)

How to buy

1-Every two weeks , the company issues FCO includes the price of each metal type .

2- The company sells 4 types of each metal type :

(A) New metal.

(B) Second Quality of the metal .

(C) Below Fifth Quality of the metal .

(D) Mixed metal scrap (IRON,COPPER , Aluminium and other substances )

3- The price depends on the quantity as the following :

(1) More than 20 million MT(Ton)

(2) Less than 20 million MT(Ton) to 5 million MT(Ton)

(3) Less than 5 million MT(Ton) to 100,000 MT(Ton)

4- The price is issued on the time of FCO. There is no fixed price all month or the year.

5- The buyer issues SBLC according to the FCO is issued . The SBLC is not for all the quantity of one year , but the company makes the best facilitation to the buyer to issue SBLC only for total amount of 100,000 MT(Ton) as long as the quantity is on the contract. Another facilitation , the company doesn’t ask the buyer to pay the commercial invoice charge , but the company pays it instead of the buyer after the buyer issues SBLC.


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